Heroes of Ruin.

When playing the singleplayer game it’s mediocre and just not working. But multiplayer is where this 3DS-game surprisingly excels. It’s just clear it’s made for online gaming. They might as well could have left the singleplayer out of the game and saved everybody time and money.

[+] multiplayer multiplayer multiplayer _ daily and weekly challenges _ lots of content
[-] singleplayer


Long plane ride? Here, take these.

Stuck sitting in one place for a long time? Away from your trusty gaming rig? Maybe an overlay at the airport, or a long drive on vacation? Here’s what we recommend:

Hitman - Blood Money
Open world-, freedom-, get it done your way-assassination game. Great for killing time (HA-HA-HA) because this is not a game you will rush through. Runs on most older laptops.

Civilization [x]
Need I say more? Turn based empire building game. War? Diplomatic solutions? Isolation? Expansion? The choice is yours.

FIFA [x]
Just play some random matches and make sure to put the in-game time to real-life. Or play an entire season as a coach. With so many versions, there is bound to be one to fit your laptop.

Rayman Origins

Artwork, graphics, fun and music is what make Rayman Origins yet another trusty old Rayman game. The level design is challenging and there is more than enough variation to keep it interesting.

[+] graphics /art _ music _ level design _ nostalgia
[-] hard but not that hard


Battlefield 4 AND new DLC trailer.

With Battlefield 4 officially announced and a gameplay trailer of the new DLC Armored Kill in the air, Battlefield fans must be exited. They better be.
Trailer can be found here -> http://youtu.be/HGN8fyu_ozg


Dear Esther sold over 250.000 times.

The “adventuregame” / storytelling Dear Esther has been sold over 250.000 times. It’s on Steam Summer Sale right now! Get it. Nao!


Former designer Gears of War reveals iOS-game.

Former lead designer Lee Perry reveals his adventure / rpg game Lili for the iOS-platform. Check it out right here -> http://bitmonstergames.com/?page_id=54


Hitman: Sniper Challenge

Bravo bravo! This pre-order bonus should set the standard for the entire gaming industry. A nice little “mini-game” in which you can unlock items for Absolution. Definitely the way we like to see things done.

[+] controls _ challenges / easter eggs _ unlock content
[-] obviously scripted


Gravity Rush

Changing and defying gravity together with one of the most intuitive set of controls we have seen so far has made Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze) a thrill to play. The visual style and cut-scenes make this adventure/rpg a true work of art.

[+] lots of content _ controls _ cel-shaded graphics _ original
[-] takes time to get used to _ camera

http://twitter.com/gravitydazenews (not sure if official?)

Spec Ops: The Line

A “hardcore story” and “still a bit buggy” are keywords when it comes to Spec Ops: The Line. Apart from that it’s just an “OK shooter”. Nothing new and intuitive but still good for some solid 3rd person gameplay.

[+] story! _ solid shooter
[-] bugs _ repetitive voice acting _  “just a” solid shooter